Robert Hall, Esq.



“Thank you for all the time, energy and dogged-persistence in helping us resolve this matter...I look forward to meeting with you to wrap up this phase and get our guidance on the repair.”    

- Tad Dodson, 638 Minna Street HOA

“Having worked with Robert on several projects, its clear he has a great understanding of multi-family projects. I would strongly recommend Robert to anyone who may need help navigating the complexities of common interest development projects.”

- Antony Mills, Senior Estimator at Saarman

“Bob has used his experience with construction and litigation to facilitate repairs and reconstruction for HOA's and other building owners by reviewing and drafting contracts for construction, and providing advice on retaining designers, architects and contractors.”

- David Kuivanen, AIA, Associate Principal at Allana Buick & Bers, Inc.