Robert P. Hall, Attorney at Law, offers legal services as a counselor to owners of residences and light industrial buildings, and boards of directors of homeowner’s associations, seeking assistance in the maintenance and or repair of their buildings and projects, and protecting their interests related to construction defect issues. Robert also offers legal services associated with contract reviews and negotiations for contractors and suppliers in the construction industry.

Robert P. Hall, Attorney at Law, offers his legal services as a Solo Practitioner with offices in San Rafael and Tahoe City, California. Robert has teamed up with a group of experienced attorneys who will offer a wide range of services to Robert's clients.


An ounce of prevention saves you both time and money when a problem requires a solution without an immediate resort to the court system for solution.



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Construction Cicerone founder Robert Hall Esq., is a counselor for those seeking guidance and counseling services in the construction and common interest development industries and a speaker at construction and common interest development industry trade organization events.


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